Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Cali, Colombia

Well, what can I say? after having said that I would never be back in Cali, here I am. The reasons why I never wanted to be back in this city no longer matter because so much has changed between then and now. I am glad to be back and its been fun catching up with my ex-roommate and her family while indulging in all the local delicacies that I had missed, I feel sorry for my waistline but what the hell! you live only once.

In addition to visiting my ex-roommate I am also here to attend Feria de Cali which is an important festival celebrating the city's cultural identity. The fair which takes place between Dec 25 - Dec 30th consists of parades and of course awesome displays of salsa dancers and bands, below are the pictures we took on the first day. I am rushing through this post because I am tired so please bear with me.

That's it folks, I am super tired but so glad to have checked out the fair. We plan on attending everyday as I have been told that each day there is something different going on, I am excited to see what awaits. 

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