Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nairobi, Kenya

Ladies and gentlemen, the trip that I have been looking forward to for ages is finally here!!! we are in Kenya, my homeland. We got into Nairobi which is the capital city, a few days ago and the trip took 22 hours so you don't even want to know how exhausted we are, jet lag is no joke! my husband and I have been literally blacking out at odd hours of the day and night as our bodies try to adjust to the 9 hour time difference between Nairobi and where we live in the states. To make matters worse he got a nasty cold at the beginning of our trip so he is slowly recovering from it, I just hope I don't get it next. We have been taking things super easy and I have been re-connecting with my family which so far has been the highlight of this trip. Actually, no matter what we end up doing and experiencing during this trip, spending time with my family is still going to be the biggest highlight.

That's it folks.......for now anyway, I am super tired but do watch out for more posts.

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