Friday, March 16, 2018

Trinidad, Cuba

Today I decided to travel to a city called Trinidad located in central Cuba, it is a well preserved colonial town with cobbled streets and brightly colored buildings. The older part of town which is where the colonial influence can be seen was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. I had heard good things about the city so since it was highly recommended I decided to check it out. Unfortunately Trinidad is 4 hours away from Havana so I had a long trip!

Damian my airbnb host arranged for a colectivo to come pick me up early in the morning. A colectivo is a shared taxi so you get to ride with other people who are going the same direction you are. It is cheaper than a private taxi and even though buses are the most economic means of transportation, a colectivo is just so much more convenient. The price varies between $30-$35, It cost me $35 and I rode with three other people.

I left Havana at 8 in the morning and arrived in Trinidad at about 2 pm. The car got a puncture so we had to stop for the tire to be replaced then we stopped to grab some food. Damian had arranged for me to stay with a host family that he is familiar with so the colectivo dropped me off at their door step saving me the hustle of trying to find the house. I was warmly welcomed and after exchanging pleasantries I decided to hit the ground running so I freshened up a bit, got a map from the lady hosting me and I was off to explore the town.

It was super hot and I was tired but I managed to do quite a bit of site seeing. Some of the streets really reminded me of Antigua, Guatemala and once again I kept having that deja vu feeling. 

As cute as these cobbled streets look, they can be tough on your feet!

Had to stop and get a hat to shield myself a little bit from the sun..........still didn't help! it was HOT.

After walking for quite a bit I stopped to grab some lunch then headed to this bar called canchánchara that had been recommended to me for trying a local drink guessed it, canchánchara! it is made from: rum, honey and lemon juice i believe. It's served in a small rounded clay pot and yo have to stir it to get all the ingredients to mix up especially the honey which sits at the bottom.

The bar had some good live music so I decided to stay for a while to enjoy the music and my drink. I ended up making a friend which worked in my favor because I got to be shown all the cool local spots for live music and dancing. This Cuban guy started chatting me up and upon finding out its my first time in Trinidad he insisted on showing me all the local places that are happening so I can experience the town as a local. 

This place is spoilt for choice when it comes to live music, its like every corner we turned there was a band playing salsa and I am talking like really good live bands, the quality of music was top notch and it was all free!! of course at the end people had the option to tip. I was in heaven! I haven’t enjoyed salsa in a while so it was nice to listen to all these different bands playing good salsa and what is even better is I was introduced to all the band members in the various bands I listened to because the Cuban guy knew them all. Ooh! and did I mention he is a salsa teacher so I got to learn a few steps from him on the dance floor.

Here are some of the really good bands I got to check out at various spots.

All in all it was a very good day albeit exhausting!

Random Thoughts Of The day:

I felt so intimidated dancing salsa here in Trinidad, I am really rusty since its been ages since I danced salsa plus everyone was just so good at it and it was hard to keep up at times but the salsa teacher who I met at the bar assured me that I did well, I just need more practice on some of the intricate turns.

I think I will need some long rest after this vacation, I have been on the go since I got here and I am slowly beginning to burn out.

At first when I got to Trinidad I was not feeling it but after after walking around and having the chance to be shown all the different cool spots I really like it and I realize there is so much more I could have experienced here but I am only here for a day and leaving tomorrow unfortunately.

Trinidad is very touristic and there are plenty or tourists around, with it comes all the sly casanovas. All I can say is, foreign ladies just be wary of these smooth talking dudes, A lot of them just want papers to get out of Cuba in search of better opportunities. It is what it is.

It is HOT over here! Jesus! In Havana the weather is actually really nice and I was told i came at a time when the weather is cooler because it does get really hot. Prior to coming to Trinidad I had already been wanted that its hotter than Havana and boy do I feel it.

Ok folks, time to hit the sack because I am tired and today has been a long day! I have to save some energy for tomorrow, my birthday! until then……..bye!

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