Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saying Goodbye To Guatemala

Today is my last full day in Antigua and although a part of me is a bit sad to be leaving, a greater part of me can't wait to go back home. I wanted to have a really relaxing day today without any rush, I feel like I have accomplished all I had wanted during this trip so I can take it easy and soak in the last unforgettable moments in Antigua.

I slept in and got out of bed only when I couldn't sleep anymore. I took my time to pack my stuff then headed out for a late breakfast. I had heard good things about this one restaurant called Rincon Tipico which serves local cuisine and since I had eaten dinner there last evening and enjoyed the food, I decided to check out their breakfast menu to see what the local taste is like for breakfast. The restaurant is so pretty and colorful and by now you should know I love colors so I was in my element, the staff are super friendly and remembered me from the previous evening so they greeted me with warm familiarity.

This is what I had for breakfast, fried eggs and black beans served with a thick soup like consistency. Trust me when I say, "don't underestimate this food!" it was heavy and very filling! on the side you see that beautiful colorful cloth? it covered freshly made tortillas which were still hot to the touch. I had one and was done, I was so full and energized to start my day.

After breakfast I wandered around the pretty streets of Antigua just enjoying the views and exploring any hidden treasures. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The sun got really hot and unbearable so I decided to take a little break, I bought some ice cream and walked over to the central park where I sat for a while in the shade to people watch and rest a little bit. I had walked for quite a while by the way and my feet were so sore! I think its the culmination of all the walking I have been doing since I got here.

I was feeling so tired and sleepy plus the intense sun wasn't helping much so I headed back to the house to take a nap and stay indoors. That's it folks, my last day here has gone how I wanted and now I am just waiting for my ride to the airport, this trip has been really rejuvenating for me and I am glad to be going back with a refreshed mind ready to tackle the regular hustle and stress of life, who said being an adult is fun?

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Even though its hot here, I am glad its dry heat so it makes it more bearable to walk around without sweating too much as long as you stay in the shaded areas.

The sun has done a number on my skin and hair though, my skin has been peeling and my hair color has become so much lighter, to my dismay. Ooh! well, major TLC will be unleashed when I get back home.

Tortilla is eaten a lot here but the taste is so different from the Mexican tortillas I am used to, I prefer Mexican tortillas any day!

Everyone that I have encountered in this trip has been so helpful and gone out of their way to assist me in anything I needed. I am so grateful for this and I will carry with me great memories of Guatemala.

To be honest with you Guatemala was not on my radar at all, I don't know why I was not interested at all to visit the country. One of my Colombian friends who travels a lot and knows so much about Latin America kept urging me to give it a shot but I never really thought about it. Now I am glad to tell him that he was right, I did enjoy Guatemala.

The original plan for my 37th birthday was to travel to Cuba with my husband, unfortunately circumstances beyond our control forced us to put that plan on hold. Fortunately my attention was shifted elsewhere and tickets to Guatemala just so happened to be the cheapest at the time and I figured, Ooh! well, I guess its finally time to check out Guatemala. I am glad that this country exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to my travels I meet interesting people that I would otherwise not have a chance to meet in my everyday life. I met Maricela from Mexico at the house I am staying at, she is a family friend who had come to spend some time in Antigua. We hit it off so well and had very good conversations, she is such a sweet, bubbly and friendly person. Last night we ended up talking until the wee hours of the morning and we could have kept going on had we not noticed that everyone else was asleep and we probably may have been disturbing them. She and her husband retired, rented their house in Mexico and packed their bags to travel through central America, she is will be in Mexico in June for a short visit with family and she already invited me to come visit with my husband. I would love to visit her so who knows, let's see how things go. we already exchanged contact information so we will definitely be in touch.

She is the lady in the middle, you should have seen us hugging so tight saying our goodbyes as she left this morning. I hope we do meet up again in the near future as she made such an impression on me.

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