Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feliz Navidad From Quito

The festivities associated with Christmas here in Quito have been on high gear and you can definitely feel the festive vibe everywhere you go which makes it pretty exciting. The streets are also quite colorful and vibrant with numerous vendors selling all kinds of Christmas decorations, festive music blasting from various shops and colorful displays all over the place. I managed to take a few pictures on one of those rare occasions when I decided to carry my camera with me. Sucks that when I didn't have my camera with me is when I witnessed the cutest displays, Ooh! well, hopefully these few pictures will give you an idea of what I am talking about.

The interesting thing about Christmas here is that families gather on Christmas eve to have a special midnight dinner where turkey is part of the main meal. Turns out in Ecuador turkey is mostly eaten during Christmas as a special meal, people don't normally eat it on a regular basis because it's expensive so it's reserved for special occasions.

Another interesting thing about Christmas here is that bags of candy are usually exchanged among families and friends during this festive season so on the streets you will see many vendors selling bags of candy and sugary delights, honestly it reminds me of halloween in the US.

Luis, the guy I work for at the travel agency surprised each one of us who work for him with a bottle of wine and a bag of candy. I thought that was really nice of him and it was a nice surprise indeed.

The boyfriend and I decided to have our own special Christmas eve dinner. He went all out on the food as usual and made typical Dominican dishes recreating what his family usually makes for Christmas eve dinner (this is his first Christmas away from his immediate family). I have to say I am enjoying the perks of having a significant other who loves and knows how to cook. 

Chow down!

That's it folks! have a merry Christmas from us to you, there is food to be eaten and drinks to be drank so I better get to it. 

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