Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Next?

After I made my decision to take a year off to travel, I went into planning mode like my life depended on it and even wrote down my plan and "to do list." I have to admit I was a bit overzealous at first but through the months I have been more relaxed.

I figured a year would be sufficient time for me to plan everything and add significantly to my savings (the latter being the major deciding factor). My move would officially be made in March 2014.

My Plan
  • Next year, 2014 I plan to go to South America for 6 months 1 year.
    I will base my stay in Cali (a city in Colombia) then travel within Colombia and neighboring countries.
  • I will enroll in extensive Spanish classes and also take salsa classes.
  • I plan to boost my savings so that i can have a comfortable safety net to fall back on once my trip is done and i come back to the US. This will keep me afloat until i get another job.
To Do List
  • Enroll in Spanish classes in the mean time so I can learn the basics.
  • Figure out VISA requirements
  • Figure out accommodation
  • Get Lasik surgery
  • Figure out health insurance/Get travel insurance
  • Boost my savings
  • Sell my belongings
  • Give up my apartment
  • Buy a laptop ( a very good one)
  • Buy a camera
  • Reach out to travel bloggers for tips

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