Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How It All Begun

I remember the exact moment I started thinking about taking a career break in order to travel. It was 2011 and I had just come back from an amazing trip to Turkey, I was at a friend's house on a dreary Sunday afternoon telling her all about my trip and wishing I could pack my bags again and head off somewhere else far from the snow and cold weather we were experiencing.

We were listening to Pandora and one of my favorite songs came on.

As I was listening to this song I knew where my next trip would be, it would definitely have to be somewhere in the Caribbean, Central or South America. I settled on South America. I had never been to the continent but I kept thinking how cool it would be to take off and go travel all over South America learning: Spanish, Salsa and absorbing the various cultures.

I had traveled by myself before but never for an extended period of time like what I had in mind. As cool as the thought of taking an extended period of time to travel sounded, it scared me to death. I could not imagine traveling by myself for months, wouldn't I get bored or lonely? Was I ready to quit my job and sacrifice the benefits?

Fast forward to 2013 - I had managed visit some countries in South America and had come across several travelers who were traveling for extended periods of time by themselves. Talking to them and hearing all about their experiences inspired me a lot and made me realize that I could do it too if I really wanted. I just had to plan accordingly.

In March 2013 I decided I was finally going to make my dream a reality.

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