Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Paradise Lost

The good thing about working remotely has been the flexibility to manage my time. I have been working remotely at my job in the US while staying in Kenya so during the day I have my days free to do as I wish provided that by evening I am logged in for work (thank goodness for the time difference). That being said, short day trips have been a life saver for me and it's been fun discovering places to check out. One such place is Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost is a resort and park located in Kiambu town and from Nairobi the distance is only about 14 kms (9 miles) by road, not far at all and ideal for a day trip. I visited the place on a week day which is actually the best time to visit since there are no crowds and you can enjoy the grounds in peace and also enjoy certain freebies like entrance into ancient caves which usually has a charge of Ksh 400 (slightly less than $4), this separate from the park entrance fee which is Ksh 400 for adults and 300 for kids, that's less than $5 each. At the park, you can go on a nice nature walk, zip line, go on a boat ride, explore ancient caves or set up a picnic and relax. 

That's it folks! it was such a good day trip from Nairobi, I enjoyed the nature walk and exploring ancient caves where the famous Mau Mau freedom fighters used to hide, if those caves could talk! Paradise Lost is truly a beautiful place to explore outside the city and truly, I think the name should be Paradise Found.

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