Sunday, May 30, 2021

Out and About in Miami

Today being the last full day of our stay in Miami, we decided make good use of our time and check out as much as we possibly could. Since we are staying in downtown it has been very convenient in terms of moving around because we are centrally located so access to various areas of interest isn't too bad. Here is how we spent our day:

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

This was once a winter villa for a wealthy business man named James Deering in the early 1900s but it's now been converted into a museum that's open to visitors. I will not pretend that I know the whole history of the villa but from the little that I read online I thought it would be interesting to check it. The surrounding gardens are so pretty and well maintained plus they serve as a good background for photo shoots, we actually came across several. The museum/villa was alright and for both of us, the gardens were the main highlight. It is definitely worth checking out while in Miami, online tickets are required prior to your visit and they cost $18/adult. The museum and gardens are open Thursday through Monday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Downtown Miami/Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is an open air shopping complex located in downtown Miami. Here you can find restaurants, bars and even take boat rides. I think it's a huge tourist trap but still a fun visit.

South Beach

This neighborhood is well known for it's nightlife, beaches, hotels and restaurants. We took a stroll along the famous pedestrian street of Ocean Drive which was packed with people (for a minute there I even forgot that we are still dealing with a pandemic). 

After walking the whole length of Ocean Drive and briefly checking out the beach, we made our way to Espanola Way which is another street worth checking out. It was much quieter than Ocean Drive and really pretty with trees lined on each side of the street. We got to enjoy some really good Cuban food and Mojitos at a restaurant named Havana 1957 before deciding to call it a day.

That's it folks! It was quite an eventful fun day despite the hot weather. I kid you not we have been showering 3 times a day because each time we step out to do something, we end up all sweaty and sticky and have to get back to our hotel room to freshen up before heading back out again. Despite the heat this had been a nice mini vacation and I am looking forward to more trips during summer. Do check back for the next trip update.

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