Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Hola! my husband and I are currently in the Dominican Republic for Christmas, we have been here for a few days now and its been so hectic visiting one relative after another. This is the first time since we got here that I have been able to sit down and browse the net so I decided I might as well update this blog given how long I have been MIA.

This year has been super crazy (and not in a good way) thus the reason why I have been MIA. At one point I even thought of deleting this blog but one day I sat down and read all the entries I made here from beginning to end and there were so many priceless memories that I quickly changed my mind. I have been up to a lot but for now let's focus on Christmas and being in the DR. Its been really fun spending time with my husband's family and indulging in all the food and drinks available. Hey! it is the festive season after all so why not eat, drink and be merry?

The highlight of our trip here so far has been......

Spending time with my in laws with whom I get along very well.

Enjoying cena de navidad with part of my husband's family. He has such a huge family and every stop we made we had to taste a bit of everything so by the time we ended up at his mum's I was so full but I still had to eat something, it was really good though!

Celebrating Christmas here has been so much fun and it brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood in Kenya. Streets full of people, music playing everywhere, neighborhood kids outside playing together as adults congregate to have drinks or socialize outside their homes. Its so lively and just makes the festive season all the more exciting.

Cars are parked all over and everyone is playing their own music but despite the chaos it's actually pretty fun just watching people dance on the streets and enjoy themselves. I am so glad we got to spend Christmas here!

PS: Christmas here is celebrated on the 24th when everyone has cena de navidad (Christmas dinner) with family then on the 25th people just chill and eat the left overs from the night before.

Ok, that's it for now. Its about 4 in the morning and sleep is now catching up to me so I better get some rest. I will update more when I get the chance.

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