Saturday, December 30, 2017

Goodbye Puerto Plata

As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end" our vacation came to an end yesterday as it was our last day in Puerto Plata before coming back to real life and the cold harsh winter. On the last day we both decided to indulge in everything we liked at the resort and just chill basking in the good weather and scenery. I liked taking walks up and down the beach and that's what I did, taking pictures along the way and just appreciating the beauty around me knowing that I wasn't going to be enjoying this kind of weather again for a long time (winter sucks!).

It was a very lovely day and at night we decided to go out to the resort's nightclub and party it up, it was so much fun! I haven't danced that much in ages and the constant flow of drinks kept me tipsy all night. 

What can I say? we ate, drank and got merry which was the best way to end our vacation. I know initially I wasn't feeling the resort vibe but I warmed up to it pretty quick and you know what? resorts aren't that bad after all especially if all you want to do is relax without any fuss. Will I do another resort stay? most definitely yes! 

Random Thoughts Of The Day:

After a couple of days the faces around the resort started becoming familiar and it felt like one big family staying in one neighborhood.

A lot of people we met at the resort had been here since Christmas and were planning to spend New Year here as well. Lucky them!

My husband was quite the social butterfly at the resort and managed to make quite a number of friends from the guests to the workers. Everywhere we went he knew someone and on the last day a bunch of the folks he had met arranged to have one last meet and drink at the resort's bar to bid him farewell, I thought that was sweet.

Speaking of sweet, this one kid who must have been about 13 really took a liking to my husband. They had met at a pool volleyball game and my husband had spent time playing with him which he must have really appreciated. We were having dinner and this kid saw him and excitedly rushed to our table to say hi as his parents towed behind, it was the cutest thing! even the parents had on a big smile watching.

My feet and ankles were so swollen because of the heat, that my shoes felt tight and fit uncomfortably. Most of the time I was in sandals but the rare occasion that I put shoes on, it was super uncomfortable and I could barely walk right. Thats how swollen my feet were!

I know I had mentioned before that I am not a beach type of person but you know what? the beach ain't so bad especially if you are well shaded and the sun is not directly hitting you. I liked the beach in Puerto Plata because there were so many surrounding trees that provided shade so you could walk around without feeling overwhelmed by the sun.

These songs below were the big hits during our stay in the DR, I especially love the salsa song by Yiyo Sarante. The song is called "Corazon de Acero" (heart of steel).
PS: both songs below are by Dominican artists.

This one was catchy especially in the nightclubs

Okay folks, that's it for now. I will do another update on New Year as I fill you in on my travel plans for 2018 so watch out.

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