Thursday, September 17, 2015

You Can Call Me Mrs...........

Yup! we made it official and got married!!! that's why I have been MIA since the last blog post. I don't even know where to start since these last couple of days have just been crazy chaotic but I will try my best to take you through the series of events.

Our initial plan was to have a civil ceremony for now then much later, maybe in a couple of years have a bigger ceremony with both sides of the family included. Let's just say things didn't quite work out as we planned because my husband (sounds so weird calling him this) comes from a large Latino family that was not about to have us have a quickie wedding without bells and whistles! before we knew it, the very small intimate family dinner we wanted to have after the civil ceremony, became larger as uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, cousins and a whole bunch of other family members wanted to be included.

We found ourselves dealing with responsibilities and expenses that we hadn't planned for. All over a sudden we needed: invitation cards, space to accommodate everyone, catering to make sure everyone got fed, music for entertainment, photographers to capture the memories........I mean, we were both like two deers caught in the headlight wondering, "how the hell did we end up in this mess??!" to say it was overwhelming is putting it mildly but you know what? one thing worked out greatly in our favor and really cut down the unexpected costs. What really helped us was my husband's good reputation in his town.

You see, my husband grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone else since childhood and as it turns out, he is well loved and respected in his hometown by everyone who knows him because of his integrity, handwork and just being a good guy (I knew I chose well). One of his former employers who owns several bakeries in the city offered to rent us space in one of her bakeries that she uses for parties and weddings, at a very cheap price. Not only were we getting the space but she also included: catering, wedding cake, music, photographers, chairs & tables, decorations and all kinds of perks. She was offering all these for only $300!!! Usually she charges way more for this. Another former employer who owns one of the biggest supermarkets in the city offered us a very good deal on drinks and he had nothing but good things to say about my husband when I met him. Another former employer who owns a hotel in the city offered us a very good deal on a honeymoon suite in his hotel as a wedding gift. I was just overwhelmed by the show of support, it was so touching especially knowing they did all these because they really care for my husband.

Upstairs is where we had the wedding celebration, downstairs is a very pretty quaint bakery.

One of his cousins who was going to act as one of our witnesses also helped us a great deal and she offered to take care of invitations. Turns out her and the sisters are quite crafty and they got to work preparing the invitations and putting cute little details on the envelopes.

The ladies hard at work

The ladies'  brother even chimed in with ideas.

Some of the end results........envelopes sealed and ready for delivery.

With all the above taken care off and with our two witnesses present, all that was left to do was get married. On the wedding day I had on my cute dress which I assumed I would wear at the civil ceremony in the morning and at the party later on at night but I was so wrong! when the cousin saw me she asked me if I had my second wedding dress and I was like, "what do you mean second wedding dress?" she told me that I needed a traditional wedding dress that had to be worn at the party at night and for picture taking sessions. The dress I had on was fine for the civil ceremony but it wasn't considered appropriate for the wedding celebrations at night. Once again, "deer caught in the headlight" moment.

With this new information about the formalities expected, we found ourselves looking for a traditional wedding dress after the civil wedding ceremony that had taken place at 11 am, the wedding party was supposed to be at 7 pm on the same day. His cousin told us that she knew several shops where we could rent dresses at reasonable prices so off we went driving all over town looking for dresses that would be available on such short notice. The first shop we went to had really old dresses that frankly speaking just looked depressing plus the lady who owned it kept complaining and chastising us for wanting a dress on such notice. She would rummage through the closet looking for a dress while murmuring about how she needed to be preparing lunch and cleaning her house and why couldn't we have come a week earlier.......Uuumm?! weird? we couldn't have left that shop any faster. The second shop was closed for lunch so the next resort was a shop that the cousin knew off which was located in another town but since it was lunch time, we had to wait until 2 pm to go over there (shops here close from noon to 2 pm for lunch). I was a bundle of nerves but we kept re-assuring ourselves that at least the most important part had been taken care off, we were finally married and the rest was just fluff.

After lunch we headed out to look for a wedding dress and as soon as we entered the shop that the cousin had recommended, I just knew I would find something in there that I liked. It was such a cute shop and the dresses on display were very pretty plus the ladies there were super friendly and helpful.

As luck would have it, I did find a cute dress in my size. In all honesty though, if circumstances were different I would have chosen a very different style that's more of a reflection of my personality but given the current circumstances I had to go for second best which was actually pretty. Once the dress was chosen and a deposit made, they told us to come back in a couple of hours as they needed time to clean the dress and prepare it for us. With that taken care off, we could all breath and relax and tend to other matters.

At the agreed time we headed back to the shop and the dress was ready for us. It was a bit damp because there wasn't enough time to get it all dried out since it was such short notice and the pick up time was closer to the shop's closing time. My husband had to run a few errands nearby so as he went off, we took advantage of that time to lay out the dress so it would dry and chat with the ladies at the shop as we waited for him to come pick us up.

Chatting it up, notice the hairnets? every lady working in there had one on including my husband's cousin. Remember the observation I made on hairnets in a previous post?

We made it back at around 5 pm and started getting ready for the party. One of the sisters in law who I really like had offered to do my make up, actually she was doing everyone's make up and had to close her salon earlier than usual just so she could tend to us, she is such a sweetie! I really don't like make up and on a day to day basis I make do with only my facial lotion and trusted chap stick but I figured since this was a special occasion I guess I could make a concession. For the first time in my life I even got my eye brows trimmed! actually this was accidental and I had no clue what was happening until I looked in the mirror and was like, "Say what? where the hell did my brows go?" all I remember is something was applied on my eyebrows and rapid back and forth hand movements were made, I didn't feel anything. It doesn't look bad, just different so I can live with it.

Getting my face done.

With make up done and both of us dressed, we were ready to head off to the party where more "deer caught in the headlight" moments were to be had.............

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