Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dominican Republic

I landed in the DR three days ago and I have been busy winning hearts all the while enduring unbearable heat, this place is HOT!!!!!!! even the fiancé who was born and raised here is complaining about the heat. Despite it all, I am having a good time getting to know his family who have taken quite a liking to me and spending quality time with him.

Ever since I landed here our days have been filled with meeting family members, eating good home cooked Dominican food and visiting various neighborhoods and places where my fiancé grew up or used to hang out at. I don't have too much free time so this is just a quick update on what I have been up to.

Picture time!!!

My fiancé with two of his sisters in law, his mum is busy with one of her grandkids in the background.

Bachata time, this was such a fun night full of: music, dance, laughs and good food!

Some of my fiancé's little cousins and nephews like hanging out at the mum's house especially when grown folks around, they love eavesdropping then copying how the adults talk when amongst themselves. They may look innocent but they are mouthy! you should hear the stuff they say, it's hilarious!!! I was just laughing listening to some of their conversations.

With the heat most people hang out by the river during the weekend swimming, catching up with friends, eating and listening to music.

Got to check out another local hang out where people go to swim and cool off, my fiancé actually used to work there as a lifeguard when he was 16 so it was cool to go back after many years and take a walk down memory lane.

He used to sit in the little shed below on that chair during his lifeguard duties.

That's him doing his thing.


The local neighborhoods have a lot of these Banca shops that I was wondering about because I kept seeing them all over the place. Turns out they are lottery shops where people go to buy lottery tickets. I guess folks love their tickets because each block has a Banca shop.

Local police station.

That's it folks, time to log off. All in all I am having a really good time here and one of these days when I get more time I will post more on my observations and the experiences I am having here.

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