Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dating in Quito

In my last post I had mentioned about the Dominican asking me out on a date, he had been such a sweetie and a gentleman the previous night so I accepted his invitation. I like going on dates so I was looking forward to this one plus I was curious to see how it would turn out.

The following day happened to be today and the plan was to do some more site seeing with my friend who is visiting Quito from Colombia then afterwards go on the date with the Dominican (I will keep referring to him as the Dominican). He had suggested visiting his house where we could hang out, watch movies, listen to music and just chill, Sunday's are pretty quiet around this city and almost everything is closed. I told him I was going to come with my friend and he didn't mind at all.

After we were done with the day's site seeing and activities my friend said she was not going to be able to join us. Do you think that discouraged this crazy girl from going ahead with the date? nope! and before you think I am crazy, I had done a little background check on the dude and had spoken to the ladies who work at the restaurant where we met and they vouched for him and told me he is actually a pretty cool guy and I shouldn't be worried about him being a creep. They are all Dominican and they keep a tight circle so everyone seems to know everyone else within the community and yes these ladies are my friends.

We ended up meeting at a central place before heading to his house, actually my roommate accompanied me to the central place and I was telling him, "if anything happens to me you have this dude's number, name and now you know how he looks like so you can describe him to a sketch artist." what? you just never know. His cousin was in the house with his girlfriend when we got there and these dudes had cooked quite a meal for us! us being the cousin's girlfriend and I. I was impressed and had I known that such a meal was awaiting me I would not have stuffed my face earlier on.

I have to tell you about the funniest thing that happened when we got to his house, he fixed me a drink but didn't have any himself so I was like, "holly crap! what if it's spiked or something? and why is no one else drinking?" mark you as I was thinking this I was busy taking sips of the drink. Eventually I turned to him and I was like "can you taste this?" so he takes a sip and I am thinking, "hold up! that sip might have been faked" so I ask him to take another sip as I  carefully observe him. He must have thought I was weird or something. I would like to note that when I was asking him to take a sip I had already guzzled down half the glass.

Anyway, to cut a long story short the guy was super sweet and respectful at all times. He never tried to do anything inappropriate and I had a good time.

That's it folks, I can describe the whole experience as having been really sweet and enjoyable. I guess he must have thought likewise because he wants to see me again tomorrow.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

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